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1) Tbh gp vs mmed fm no diff in pte sector.
Mmed use is just for ops.

2) current climate favours signing on

3) fellowship need support of your boss. Usually after mmed ppl will not jump onto fellowship so early. Accumulate some exp and go for mcfps before fellowship

U enjoy working in ops. Do u do gen clinic slots or protected FM trainee slots with just 5 patients

U sound like from the central north cluster. Good passing rate for mmed that cluster. Southern eastern cluster has poor rates and mid west to west intermediate.
Thx for the reply boss.

So I guess fellowship etc will only be of use in ops? I am considering doing it but its really exp esp with all the study loans still to pay off. Hows the prospects like after fellowship? Does signing on help sponsor some of the cost of doing so/ get support from my boss?

Nowadays we do more gen clinic slots, but yea enjoy seeing the pts etc even though we have to rush sometimes.
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