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Default Should I change job from my family biz? Need advice.

I'm 30yo, am a diploma grad in business management. I have been working for my family biz for 7 years. Right now I am drawing a pity 2.9k a month. When I started out was 1.6k which is super low but at that time was young so I didn't mind. Every year there's an increment of average 200 but I suspect might not be so high going further. Bonus is only 1 month.

People from outside think I'm very blessed since have my own business. But really the earnings are so low it's just like a figurehead, got title but no money. My friends working outside most are drawing anywhere from 3k plus to highest 20-30k ish alrdy.

My dad isn't earning a lot for his age. I saw before reported 100k income but that was in good times. Now business is bad so probably much lesser. Only good thing is that we have a fully paid up condo now worth 1.8mil. From selling our previous condo which appreciated and some top up my parents managed to pay it up. They don't earn a lot but through being very thrifty managed this.

Again , I'm contemplating to quit and maybe do something else. But am in a dilemma as this is the path that my parents paved for me and will be angry if I try do something else. The job itself isn't that bad or stressful and it's only from Mon to Fri 9 to 6pm. Also, I am single so actually while 2.9k isn't a lot is actually adequate. But of course who doesn't want more money? Actually if I did something like grab from the start till now I would have way more money then now. What to do in this situation?

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