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I think the mistake you are making here is ignoring the option of just not doing either. Whereas an m7 mba or elite mfin undoubtedly has tremendous value but still may not justify the cost/opportunity cost, a local mfin has almost none in the context of getting into these roles.
I did consider it when i said these degrees are after all just complements or value-adds to networking and showing interest, which should be the priorities for OP.

At least for ER, there isn't much value to begin with even without factoring in the associated costs. Nobody is going to hire someone, be it for FT or interns, because they have an M7 MBA or elite MFin. The MBA or MFin don't matter to ER employers nearly (if at all i may say) as much as they do in IB/PE, so prestige alone does not really matter. The industry is also too small and competitive with so many well-qualified candidates with the relevant skills and knowledge.

The only significant value that they would offer would be opportunities to recruit for internships, something that a local MFin can offer as well. Networking and showing interest would still be key, be it for internships or FT, local or M7.
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