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I was with IMDA for less than a year. These are pros and cons: -

(1) Remuneration is supposedly pegged to fast-growing tech sector.
(2) Lots of interesting projects that have direct impact on Singapore society and Singapore economy.
(3) A lot of projects are in national spotlight. You can see Singapore 2019 budget and more than 20% of the projects therein (relating to economy) are spearheaded by IMDA.

(1) Government service is bureaucratic and the directors (and those below) are fearful and only want to protect their position. I joined mid-career and i have never seen people so fearful of giving less than favourable news to their line managers.
(2) Hierarchical and divorced from private sector.
(3) High turnover. When I was there, between 15-20% leaves the organisation within a 12 month period.
(4) Level of competence of your colleagues (even those who are assistant or deputy director level) are very very low.
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