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yes something like this. there are many kinds of IT in banks.

1. yes go to comp when comp break down. bank usually at least 300 people, so need to be available for when they need to reset password, install programs, troubleshoot software problems, etc etc.

2. banks use propriertary software, so either u need to:
a. support software when it fails.
b. code new software modules as and when needed.

please note that 2a and 2b are to be done by different department so no one IT guy can handle it. it might come across as a monotonous job.

3. networking to interface with online systems, usually secure connections to MAS or SWIFT alliance. MAS does do SWIFT drills, so IT staff is needed. Or link to other branches or networks.

4. Programming in front office. many positions available, but need banking experience to support analysts' decisions to create algorithms and software models.

5. the hardware setup guy - acquire and assemble keyboards, monitors, printers, new switches, etc. something like a technician.

6. IT planning, support, maintance, security, etc.

these are some of the few broad description i could come out with.

there are many kinds of roles available, pick which kind suits you. but i have to say not all positions pay well.

if possible, transit to other roles in the bank.
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