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Zomg I can't remember who I spoke to anymore... if you do know me irl please drop me a msg! I am so lonely here being the only Singaporean in my school ughhh. And ya haha Ivy League law schools do include Yale, I must have forgotten about that! But tbh a Yale grad could probably stumble ass backwards into a biglaw/mc firm in Sg and would never ever need to try for an Sg firm... if you're really from Yale then homg plz just do biglaw instead of Sg big4.

Anyway I wouldn't be so quick to dismiss Aussie grads! i'm sure many of them are really capable too. Sigh I guess the legal market in Sg is just too small to accept all of us lawyer wannabes... and unfortunately it's our (US) schools that are the ones which are cut out :'(. I just hope that the law minister exemption thing is a real thing for us.

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