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It's such a pain looking at this.

Mass banker, also known as personal banker, personal financial banker. Basic is about 2.5k to 3.5k per month. Normally quarterly commission, typically $5k to 15k per quarter, for those above average sales. Typically 80% of new joiners will quit within 1 year. For top sales, those that goes up to stage or for incentive trips, commission is higher. Will get promoted to next level after 2 years

Priority banker, also known as Citi gold, premier banking, etc. Able to sell most products in the markets. Basic salary starts to diverge here due to vintage, and negotiating skills. But typically 3.5k to 6k per month. Normally quarterly commission, can go up from $5k to $100k per quarter. As bankers are able to sell universal life, and leverage, and fx loan switches. Normally 60% of the sale staffs will quit or change bank within 2 years. Due to weak sales, or lousy portfolio.

Private client platform, the last platform before true private banking, there is 2 banks that is a hybrid of retail and private banking. With their bankers cacs1 & 2 certified, while the rest of the market is still just CFMAS qualified. Basic is from 7k to 12k monthly. Commission is same as premier banking as products are similar. Besides the banks that have cacs1 & 2 qualification, which allows them to set up trust, sell private equity and more structured investment options.

Private banking. Generally need to bring in $50m AUM every year, for the first 3 years. Need to submit business plan with your clients profile (without names). Normally rev targets will start after 18 months and will start to ramp up. Generally PB should generate 1.5% rev on their portfolio. PB is paid bonus, with tier 1 UBS and CS paying the least bonus base on your rev performance (year 3 onwards) year 1 and 2 is still AUM KPI. UBS and CS pays about 8 to 12% bonus on rev. While EFG bank (tier 3 private) can go up all the way to 20 to 30% bonus. Different private banks has different offering. With tier 1 PB like CS offering all sorts of leveraging, MA, and all exotic products. Tier 3 PB might have worst offering then retail local banks. Normally basic is 12k to 30k depending on how senior you are.

ARM, is just a assistant relationship manager. The probability of becoming a private banker via this route is very very very low, you need extreme luck and good PR and EQ. You will more likely become a PB by going via the retail route. Especially if you are not someone from a very rich background.
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