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First of all, don't believe the hype that accountants, doctors and other white collar professionals are going to get replaced by AI. Those are largely unfounded overarching statements - think about it, do you want to enter an operating theatre devoid of human presence and touch? Would you leave you bank accounts solely in the hands of software robots that can go rogue? When people say automation, they meant taking away laborious, repetitive and time consuming trivialities, freeing up people to do other critical work which cannot be left solely at the "hands" or software agents.

Secondly, while late to reply, I believe this is still applicable to anyone. If you can't pick something based on your interests, then do a cost benefit analysis at least. Weigh the good points versus the shortcomings. For example, accountancy is stable, and you can switch to finance later. The bad points are, if you are in the auditing business, the long hours and lack of work-life balance.

Is computer science/engineering any better? You need to keep learning new things everyday. When you are young, that might not be difficult, but as we get older, it gets mentally taxing and you'll feel the effects of burn out early in your career.

Do more research or talk to anyone who are in these fields to verify first hand accounts for yourself and then decide. Don't get taken in by the tide of the moment which will fade almost as quickly as it came.
Go SMU ..... only NUS, NTU, SMU are well recognised. SUTD is created to take in second class students that cannot make it to the 3 uni.
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