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Hello. I have five years of experience in procurement and project management. However, I am not happy with my job because it mostly involves facilitating work between BUs. Other times, I am involved in evaluating the commercial aspect of a project. I find that these skills are very generalist and I worry about my future from time to time.

Sometimes, there can be lull period where the BUs are doing their work and I have nothing much to do. I cannot stand doing nothing and getting no instructions.

I have reevaluated my career and I've decided to find a job that allows me to learn a technical skill in a specific field. I am willing to learn the technical skill through training from scratch. I am keen on Quality Control. I have a degree in Materials Engineering. Can anyone refer me to a job that is technical in nature? Pls PM me. Thank you for your help.
I feel that if you are looking to rise up the ranks, you cannot expect to do technical job forever. As you rise up the corporate ladder, it's more about managing people and alot of coordination work. It may seem like a general job but think about it, people management is one of the toughest jobs out there and if you prove that you can do well in it, it may be something that helps you to get ahead compared to your peers.

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