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Originally Posted by Guest123 View Post
Hi, this reply might not be relevant to your question but i was just wondering if you did the first and second interview last December @ Hilton Hotel? I passed the first and second round of interview for the east side recruitment (which is Jewel Airport's Apple Store). My third round of interview was supposed to be in January but got delayed and is confirmed to be held tomorrow at the Apple HQ in AMK. Honestly, i'm not really sure what to expect. I just chanced upon your thread and was wondering if you know what the salary range is for an Apple technical specialist?

Is it possible for me to request for Apple Genius? i read on other forums that all new technicians start off as Apple Technical Specialists before being able to become Apple Genius. I have a diploma that is hospitality related too and i do repair Iphones for my family and friends. Really wish i could be closer to the hands on repair as i do enjoy it.
Sorry for the late reply. Yes I think we're the same. Definitely express your interest, you never know if your interviewer believes in you. The HR said the same thing to me - they don't usually offer Genius right up. You should definitely give it a go though. Nothing to lose. Specialist median is about 3k based in Glassdoor.

Edit: how did it go for you?
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