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Which poly are you from? You mean that there was a market adjustment on the bar and cap and no salary adjustment? That is not right as it does not help match pay to market, which is what market adjustment is for. When did the new salary scheme takes place? Any idea what is the new range for PAX4A? I was offered on PAX4 just a month ago and above the bar and the stated salary range on the LOA is still on the old scheme which max out at 8250. If they adjusted the bar and my salary falls below the bar, does it means that I am subjected to the "2 years of very good performance" before I can cross the bar? What about those that has cross the bar and now is below the bar? Do they then need to redo the "2 years very good" performance before they cross the bar again?

the bar serves is a bench mark for promotion. once you hit the bar for your PAX, you will be considered for promotion.

that being said, it is unlikely to be offered a salary in a PAX above the bar.
you are probably pegged to the new scheme.
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