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Originally Posted by get real man View Post
It's really funny such posts come up in the first place. People expect high pay and easy work. I think you'll have to wake up from such fantasy. There'll always be a trade off between career prospects and pay, especially at entry level administrative work. Please be more realistic.

I know a few people with mech engine/EEE degrees working in banks. Their positions ranges from IT to research and trading. Of course, the number of engineer grads decreases with the respective order too. Banks tend to disregard the relevance of your degrees in certain front office functions graduate programs if you're able to prove your worth, but it is still recommended if you have a relevant degree.

There are many so called office positions within the public sector as well. Especially the govt always hire a large amount of fresh graduates. I'm sure you'll definitely be able to find a so called administrative position you are looking for there.

Many opportunities exist, but it's whether you take the opportunity available to you. If you set your expectations too high, you'll never get the job. Be realistic, you have an irrelevant degree and still want a flying entry position? No way.
Hi, with regards to your reply will I like to defend my point. I am not demanding any high pay with less work loads, the reason why I choose to work in administration is because of the working environment and I truly knows that entry level administration work doesn't seek high salaries as well. My opinion was to head towards this career path from the start to the top, that's what I meant by "career prospect". Of course I don't set my expectations that now I am currently just a Engineering Diploma Graduate and I holds no grounds with administration which in fact I am searching on Temporary Admin job positions to gain my experiences right now.
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