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Default sign it buddy

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Well, the hiring season is close to over. Unless u have competing offers there is a risk they may reply with a letter of rejection. I think all of us who replied are concerned that you are jobless at the moment. An equivalent of 3.3k in civil service for dip holder means there is a line behind you for sure. Maybe that beeline is the reason they lowball you.

If like you suggest, they are indeed a equal opportunity employer (unlike the BS that Public service claim they are but still ask for payslip and scroll) seek a win win situation with your sales talk.

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If you have already done all of that and you still sign it in the end, you can expect that they will press you down when you go in. In negotiations the party with nothing to lose, wins. Thereís no way they will budge because you donít have any bargaining chips. Using a median that youíve seen online is like using the fresh grad salary report and going to the big 4 demanding a 3500 salary for a job that everyone knows will pay you 2800-3300.
not the same person as above

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reckon you just sign first bro
If there is really anything so jarring that you might find there, you can try to rectify it later or speak to your superior/HR

This is an excellent offer and it pains me to see you experiment on it like that
my sentiments exactly. sign buddy. they know you are jobless and have no chips. If you sign and they rescind subsequently, u can bang HR director's table, legally.
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