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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
If you have already done all of that and you still sign it in the end, you can expect that they will press you down when you go in. In negotiations the party with nothing to lose, wins. Thereís no way they will budge because you donít have any bargaining chips. Using a median that youíve seen online is like using the fresh grad salary report and going to the big 4 demanding a 3500 salary for a job that everyone knows will pay you 2800-3300.
Ps: Are you the same person from above? Hahha yes this is looking to be like an expensive lesson in the end. But I've always believed in you won't know til you try. I had to ask to nego, at least it gives me a chance to practice it. But may I know more about what you mean with pressing me down when I go in? The contract is online, I technically won't need to see anyone to sign.

And thanks for sharing, I didn't know the reports for median is not trustworthy. I had thought that Apple being a big American(!) company would value equality and using that to change their mind would be my bargaining chip.
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