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Originally Posted by skarfy View Post
Yes you're right. I'm indeed at a disadvantage here being jobless. I've actually emailed requested to speak to 'explore the offer', it's been 36 hours and no reply. And I have to sign the contract in about 16 hours else it expires.

One thing that worries me is that my role will have a significantly higher responsibility over the 2nd role, more so than then 2nd over 1st role. That disparity doesn't sit well with me based on the offer. Would actually mentioning that I'm aware of the median and the offers given help me in this case for a win win situation? I'm also not looking to let this opportunity go. Might sign within 3 hours of expiry but not sure how that's gonna look, or if it even matters, considering they hire a lot at one go. Hopefully they don't rescind. Else it will be an expensive lesson.
If you have already done all of that and you still sign it in the end, you can expect that they will press you down when you go in. In negotiations the party with nothing to lose, wins. Thereís no way they will budge because you donít have any bargaining chips. Using a median that youíve seen online is like using the fresh grad salary report and going to the big 4 demanding a 3500 salary for a job that everyone knows will pay you 2800-3300.
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