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Originally Posted by skarfy View Post
Thank you all for the feedback. I am doing a comparison among my group that has gotten offers from Apple. Guy A with relevant phone repair experience in Samsung applied same position as me (third level) but was offered 1st level with 3k (median based on US). Another with no relevant experience offered 2nd level with 4k (higher than median) I got third level 4.5k (lower than median). So it's hard not to feel I've been lowballed. My past work experience were with starhub and grab CS with some IT knowledge dabble. I I really think Apple is not looking at background for their retail role if based on all 3 offers. Hence why I'm contemplating on negotiating
Well, the hiring season is close to over. Unless u have competing offers there is a risk they may reply with a letter of rejection. I think all of us who replied are concerned that you are jobless at the moment. An equivalent of 3.3k in civil service for dip holder means there is a line behind you for sure. Maybe that beeline is the reason they lowball you.

If like you suggest, they are indeed a equal opportunity employer (unlike the BS that Public service claim they are but still ask for payslip and scroll) seek a win win situation with your sales talk.

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