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Just to correct a misconception.

Teaching graduating class itself does not mean you are given more credit compared to a peer teaching non graduating class. The skills set in both levels differ, just like different ability classes. In fact, graduating class teachers are usually given less projects or involvement in school committees , in lieu of the heavier marking load and focussed preparation on their T and L.

T and L is equally important at all levels, including Primary One and secondary one as they are the foundation years, not just in terms of content but also character and school readiness.

Finally, just to be clear I am not saying teaching graduating class is not important . I really salute those who can teach graduating class year after year, and their sacrifices during school holidays for extra classes and commitment to be with the pupils until the last lap. But that alone should not be taken as a competitive edge over a non graduating class.

FYI, I have taught almost all levels at a primary school, including graduating, streaming and foudnation levels.

A GEO 4 /5 profile teacher should be able to teach across all levels, across all ability classes.

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