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Originally Posted by curls33 View Post
I have prepared the letter (indicative on last day and signed) and attached it to my email.... my boss seen the email and did not give any responses.

On that day, I followed up a second email to him and the agency that I was firm in my decision AFTER his call which he persistently ask me to wait. Neither the agency nor him responded to any of my emails which is worrying that nobody bothers and it was a one way email correspondence. The manager continues to reply via email on other matters!

On the agency, their motto and attitude has been very terrible. They claimed when we signed the contract that if we have ANY issues with the employer we can approach them to sort things out.

My feedback on the agency as follows: Previously they gave me very terrible support on my contract issues regarding payslip and annual leave questions. The agency staff initially said I will receive the payslip by email and then for 1+ months I did not so I asked them. The same staff then inform me several days later she arrange an online payslip login for me. It didn't work and we waited another week before I could try and I could see my payslip!

Also, there is no way I can check my leave balance, so the staff told me I can call them up ANYTIME to check. I have started work in mid month so I wonder how they calculate leave. I called the agency up and emailed them with still no response. The staff said she will get back as she will just need to check her database and when I chase her the next day (since it is a simple thing) she pass me on to another of her senior colleague. The senior colleague spoke to me however he did not "check" any database. One month later I emailed and called the same staff to check my leave balance and she wanted to "check" her database again and said she will get back to me which she didn't and then I tendered.

This is the worst agency I know and their service is terribly lousy per say!
Legally, once your email resignation reached your boss's email (try to copy HR), you have already tendered. Whether they accept or not, it is irrelevant. Pls print out the sent email with your boss email address, date and time and keep it.

So you can count your notice period from that date the email was sent. All leave in lieu has to be compensated (pls check with HR or agency). If you have no response, read your contract carefully to see if it says anything, otherwise you should regard your notice period as (1 mth - leave in lieu).

If you decide to leave earlier than the notice period, pls email your boss too (keep email also) and then HR will calculate how much you need to compensate them based on your salary. 1 week earlier, you pay them 1 week of your wage.

This is clearcut, in Singapore, all labour laws apply fairly to both party (employer and employee). And if any clause apply favourably to only one party, if this is going to be a court case, the court will most likely make it applicable to both, or strike off the unfavourable part to any party to make it equitable.

I am not a lawyer, but I have studied business law so I am sharing my 2 cents worth so pls dont quote me! of course, pls seek help from MoM if needed - that is where your official channel will be. Or if there is any lawyers here willing to offer some advice.
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