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I am in my 40s. I am not saying I will teach till 65 but the stability here allows you to plan way ahead. With the new salary scheme, MI is largely performance based (incl. PB). I would not want to divulge the sum but it is relatively comfortable. Of course can't compare with the legal and finance industry where 10 month bonus is common.

As for PAX 3, it is largely reserved for management staff that you mentioned. There are remnant lecturers on PAX 3 (cross over from old scheme) but these are very senior staff who are reaching retirement age. Henceforth, teaching staff are not privy to PAX 3 as I understand. Most staff are on contract and there is no difference between the perm and contract staff in terms of benefits etc. The quantum of pay per annum is on the average side.

Having mentioned the above, there are other intangibles. Good staff are sponsored for Masters programme etc. I do enjoy the interaction with the students and the industry. I was previously from EDB and while I can say renumeration here is not the best, it is nonetheless comfortable. In anyway, parking is free and canteen food is cheap!

If your consideration is mainly on pay, poly is not for you. Here it can be likened to a passenger plane and not a F-15 fighter jet. Slow but sturdy!
wats ur previous appt in edb?
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