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Originally Posted by LegalBeagle View Post
But the context of the discussion above related to white shoe firms, not the mid tier US firms. The discussion was about firms which pay on the cravath scale.

Cravath partners will never take only 500k-1m, since cravath associates already pull USD440k per annum.

The above isnít really relevant to me though. Iím lucky enough to be in a white shoe form which pays cravath, but Iím also ultimately a yellow-skinned asian who will never make partner in my current firm. Iím exiting the ladder at year 8 like the rest, and partnership isnít my end game. Just thought Iíd share what I know.
Isn't "who will never make partner" a bit too absolute? Don't you think the white shoes have shown they're willing to hire Singaporean partners (Farhana Sharmeen, Jac Chan etc.) for Singapore offices if need be
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