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The rich gets richer and the poor gets poorer...

Why is it so?Mentality...

The rich will want to get richer and works even harder but alot of the poor thinks that being rich is impossible to achieve, so they only strive to maintain status quo...

Monkey C Monkey Do...

kids are being influenced by parents and that's why alot of lower end of the spectrum tend to have poorer grades than the "middle & upper" classes...

This...speaking from my own experience...My parents think that it's impossible to be rich and just be a "simple" citizen earning meagre pay and not thinking of being rich except by gambling in 4D and ToTo.
the rich and pro-rich also bully the poor and keep them in their place. just look at the education system today - to do well in primary school, the kid needs rich / educated parents to tackle the tests, exams, CCAs as a team (yes, it's a team effort). rich parents can pay for good enrichment and coaching. not-so-rich but educated parents can personally do the coaching. poor uneducated parents can only leave their kids alone to fend for themselves - only the truly good ones may have a chance to survive well.
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