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First year 50mil 2nd year 80mil 3rd year 100mil.
They do take in young punks in their 20s 30s if they have wealthy parents, relative or have good connections

Local banks private side is slightly diff. Need aum and you need to do wealth.

Not easy to do at all.

If you want to be a private banker, i suggest start looking for aum. External network.
Build aum from premier level will take you years and even so not every client will follow you.
Fail first year target, bye bye.
There are many sales roles out there that can fetch you 20 30k base plus comm a mth.
Road show credit card already can fetch 10k plus. Telemarketing for loans also can fetch 20 30k.
Just choose something that you like and make sure you perform and you will see the rewards.
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