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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
I have been at GEO3 since 2015..
in 2015 I had C+
2016 I had C
2017 I had C+
2018 I have gotten C+(RO told me at end year work review).

When will I have possibility of promoting to GEO 4 since I am stuck at my grade for the past 3 years?
Are you a degree holder?

2015 C+ is for work performance of the previous year.
So effectively, you got:
C+ 2014
C 2015 (year of promotion)
2016 C+
2017 C+

In my view, it might take another year or two for you to go up to GEO 4 given the fact that you are a above average good performer. Are you on leadership track or teaching track? Else, you will retire at geo 5, which means an even longer duration before the next promotion comes.
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