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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
I have been at GEO3 since 2015..
in 2015 I had C+
2016 I had C
2017 I had C+
2018 I have gotten C+(RO told me at end year work review).

When will I have possibility of promoting to GEO 4 since I am stuck at my grade for the past 3 years?
Your RO should not tell you your grade because there may be last minute changes after your school leaders speak to supt and HR (due to quota, etc.) It's not professional and safe to do so.

It's unlikely to change but still a risk for your RO to commit.

Are you willing to take on more responsibilities in the near future, and have your school showed interest for u to do so? Otherwise, it may take you another few years, especially if your CEP is not at least SEO scale. Do note that about 60% will reach GEO5 as end point. (Retirement) A better gauge is to ask your RO if you have potential to take on KP or senior teacher in future. They cannot tell u your CEP but if they tell u that you can be minimally a level head or assistant year head, that gives you a better gauge. HR looks at your substantiative grade and your estimated potential to calculate if you should get promoted. Schools only say if they recommend or not, but HR makes the final call after looking at the entire ministry.

You may or may not notice but if you ask around, promotions are also generally slowing down, due to excess number of teachers in the ministry and limited key personnel positions. Many new KP posts are introduced in recent times to help with this problem and I guess attrition rates are not as high as they used to.

Don't worry too much about promotion. Take on GEO4 onwards only if the school gives you opportunities to take some responsibilities. The annual increment is respectable and it's better to be a B performer than a C performer in higher grades. Most of the teaching force in your school should be GEO4 and 5. That means you are pegged against well performing relatively young LHs/AYHs, HODs/YHs that havent hit SEO and also experienced teachers who can contribute more and better than you. For ranking, you are almost certainly ranked below them. It may actually do you worse if you promote without the portfolio to back you at higher grades. Then instead of C+, you get Bs, which would then put you under the radar.

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