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This is my timeline, I thought it was really fast...

Background: 31yr old, Overseas Aus Degree, currently working as engineer, 7 years exp

- Mid Aug, applied on Career @ Gov

- Mid Sept invited for an interview

- Late Sept interview with a panel of 3 (HR, Director, CIO), took about 1.5 hours.

- 10 mins after the interview, HR called to inform me that they are moving my application forward for references and security checks

- Early Oct, HR called to inform me my indicative salary, subject to approval by senior mgmt

- Mid-Oct, HR called to inform my formal offer, 8% increases

- Mid-late Oct, Accepted offer after nego to up 10%, overall package up by 18%

- Late Oct, PS card photo was taken at Cisco

- Early Nov, Appointment set up to sign the contract at Vital

- Early Dec, start work
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