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Originally Posted by Michelle View Post
Hi I've been following this thread for a while. Been in the private sector. I'm wondering what chances I have in civil service in the Comms Dept. I have a wealth of working experience, unfortunately my education is progressing slowly and am only graduating my Degree in early 2012.

Mid 30s/female
Diploma Holder/Currently doing Degree in Communication & Media

7 yrs sales and events (education industry)
3 yrs multimedia/broadcast experience
2 yrs communications (ngo industry)

My highest take home is 3.8k p/m. Unfortunately Without a Degree I m not eligible to apply at management level, despite my experience (or maybe I could?). My current job use govn't assessment guideline and I was graded A during my last performance review.

How much should I expect for wage if I apply for Comms Exec with Stat Board or Ministry?

Any views
just to share with you some support staff scheme the max salary can go as high as abt $7600
in fact a lot of higher grades support staff are higher paid than fresh grads/junior division 1 officers(degree holders).
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