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Is it true that nowadays civil servants are required / encouraged to do special extra KPI in their appraisal every year on top of those in the normal job scope. Like organise or participate in public outreach events and exhibitions, give talks, supervise interns, visit the schools or engage reporters to talk about the work they do in the civil/public service?

Is it compulsory for all or only for those ambitious ones who are trying to outperform or stand out for a promotion?

Are the directors and managers being made to encourage their subordinates to do extra work?
Well, of course. Everyone is supposed to do your work plus additional tasks if they want to be promoted. But it’s really the norm for CS. You would be “arrowed” to join sub-comm or inter-dept roles and etc etc. Coz everyone in the actual fact and first instance, would do their jobscope. It is their extra tasks that will factor into their assessment/PB.
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