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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Nahhhh - one of the nicest, most caring guys on campus. He takes mooting very seriously, and goddamn will he succeed when it comes to Jessup and his career.

Maybe if y'all took as much time as you do flaming people online to prepare for your moots you'd have the same amount of wins and awards under your belt. haha

Don't get bitter, just get better.
you boyfren ah. ah boy everyone here posts unregistered and u wanna defend him against no-name ppl - u okay annot? go angkat a partner or smth la, more useful than trying to angkat this fella.

FYI nobody actually cares about moots once you start your TC. dunno y nus and smu these days all like to talk big about moots like some sad dick measuring contest. nobody rly gives a fk lol

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