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lol who cares la. he's far from the first law kid who thinks he's hotstuff just cus he won a moot or 2. moot nia. win jessup also means jackshit if you can't survive practice

Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
This is absolute bullsh*t. How far from the truth? See below.

BMWL < Silver Circle < Magic Circle < Mid-Atlantic < Cravath

It's been S$7,500 (no front load) for the longest time. Hasn't changed in years. Cravath? Lol, even a local partner in BMWL wouldn't hit entry level Cravath.

The sort of rubbish people post... Really!
huh. does Ashurst in SG pay more than $7.5k pm? i thought only MC and white shoe pay more than BMWL here..and even then some of the white shoe firms in SG pay less than BMWL, which is quite bs

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