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The purpose of COE was to reduce/control the number of car owners and thus ease up traffic congestion. Therefore, possibly the method thought up to alleviate the congestion problems on public transport would be to increase transport fares.

In near future SG will emulate China where you see tons of people riding bicycles to work. Lol. Quite cool no? The rich would be driving, the middle-incomers taking public transport, and the less-fortunate people like us = bicycles/walk/trishaws
This will be ideal. It will be funny if everyone drives a merc. Differentiation between upper class and lower class should be more distinct. Lower class riding bicycles seems a good way to increase the distinction. It also gives them a good form of exercise - so we can argue that quality of life is in fact better for the lower class. The rich will grow fat and have unhealthy hearts.

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