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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
On a typical day is 8am to 8pm. Sat and sun commitment are expected.

However on peak periods, might need to stayover. But still less than 120hours work week.

My senior used to tell me pay per hour is lower than Macdonald's.
But they are obviously wrong. Fast food pay is approx $5 per hour. We do clock 500hours per month, so for a 6k starting works out to be $12. Much better than flipping burgers.
Don't exaggerate. It's not 500 hours a month la which xiao mei mei you trying to trick? Anyway your (fake) math is also wrong. If it's less than 120 hours a week then it's obviously not 500 per month

I'm sure there are all nighters often but you forget that some weeks are really quite free and you go on couple of weeks' leave

I know newbie lawyers have a thing for exaggerating their hours like its some point of pride. That's dumb. Just do your work and get a life, or go home. This is advice coming from an SA

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