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I was pretty much in your shoes almost a decade ago - some of my info might be outdated, but I'll have a crack at answering your questions.

1) Performance grade can officially be viewed in mid-March next year when they release the performance bonus (it's printed on the payslip for the bonus). The school (possibly your RO) might have an inkling of what it is before that (school ranking exercise should be around this time), but since at this stage it's just recommended grade and not yet finalised they probably won't be letting you know (and even if they do, it's not yet official).

2) I'm not 100% certain, actually. I know independent schools will rank all their seconded staff and report to MOE. I'm not sure if they're ranked against direct staff of the same grade as well. I imagine independent schools have more flexible quotas to work with - I think at least among direct hires, there are more Bs, but honestly I don't know enough to answer this.

3) If you go to Pac@Gov you'll be able to find a link that tells you the range for your current salary scale. I think someone's posted a crowdsourced range of salary scales previously - try looking further back in this thread.

4) My understanding of FLP is that you are automatically recommended if your CEP is pretty high for your age / years in service. No harm speaking to your school leader (might be that only the P is MOE staff?), but I'd suggest positioning it as trying to find out more about the programme (and how to get onto it), rather than an outright request for a recommendation.

Additionally: I really enjoyed my first stint in an independent school, but looking back I don't think it was the most career-enhancing one, if that's your priority. You get ranked against other relatively competent people (for the most part, I think even the lazy ones at least do enough to get by), you have minimal exposure to what happens in an average government school, and there are limited opportunities for advancement (vacancies don't open up that often, and all else being equal, direct hires will likely be prioritised). If career progression is a goal of yours, you can consider taking up a leadership (e.g. SH/LH) position in another school, or going for a HQ posting, around the 3 year mark.

Originally Posted by Unregistered_independt View Post

I hope someone who is still in service can provide me with some advice.

I was a overseas scholar (Teaching scholarship (Overseas)) did both my bachelor and master degree before returning back to Singapore to complete my PgDE. Currently, I have just been posted/seconded to an Independent school as my first school posting as a BT. (consider me lucky). At the present moment, I'm a GEO 2 (trained) officer

As I recently just completed my work review with my RO. I raised up the conversation of having some interests in MOE FLP. However, as my RO is a direct hire from the school, my RO does not really know much about the MOE career development (that was basically what my RO said). Also my school also has its own PD, however, my guess was it's main focus is on the direct hire staffs since I am on secondment.

So my question is

1) Will I get to know my performance grade after this work review? If so, is there an approx timeline?

2) How will ranking of EOs who are seconded to independent school be different to say EOs who are in govt school?

3) Regarding salary, just out of curiosity and I have been wondering what is salary range points? It seems like based on the forum, the salary range for example GEO 2 is quite a big range..Just curious how to they gauge the salary for EOs who are on the same GEO level but receiving different salary.

4) Does anyone know much about FLP? Should I try asking my P to sought for recommendation?

Teaching and learning is of great importance for me as BT, but at the same time, I would like some clarity and goals to work towards to.

Hope someone who was/is in similar shoes or have encounter young BTs like me can share their thoughts on this.
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