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For the most part... probably.

However, the ranking panel is made out of multiple ppl; if said bootlicker fails to make a good impression on others then it might not.

Let's put it this way - there are multiple factors at work here, and (I think) the situation's probably not as bad as one might think. The average panel member probably aims to give fair grades to the school's colleagues; although probably biased (whether consciously or not) towards the ppl they know (esp. their dept officers). Since multiple departments are represented, this will tend to balance out (sometimes not).

Hard work and competence do play a part in this; my point is more that people need to know about these in order to be recognised during ranking. As a thought exercise... here are three hypothetical officers. How do you think they will be ranked, assuming the same grade?

A: Obvious 'bootlicker', takes on many dept projects, quite liked by HOD. Skives off for CCA / committees.
B: Mediocre officer, genuinely enthusiastic disposition, generally happy to help out anyone who asks.
C: Hardworking capable officer, very quiet, leaves school early to do marking outside.

(Don't think there's a fixed answer for this - depending on how other HODs have observed these officers at work and how much the RO fights for them, I can imagine different outcomes...)

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So technically, is it safe and fair to say that if you have a good RO, and also to put it bluntly, those who bootlick their RO, will have a higher performance grade?

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