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Default Breaking letter of intent

Hi, i am in similar dilema situation which i hope to seek advices here. I too gotten i to a new job placement at Company B abd at the sane time signed a "to commit to work for 90 days upon commencement of my employment period with Company B.

Just two weeks into the employment, i was highlighting and mentioning to my agent that this job is not a good fit as wirk n backlogs are tremendous plus company is having a very tight cashflows being unability to pay most suppliers as im in finance line. Many of the chqs are unpresented to suppliers and they just called and called.

I negotiated with them then but they refused to budge or to listen to what i have got to say and is only concern on me if i were to break the bonds then im liable to pay! I was forcing myself to work to complete till 3 months but recently my dad has not been in good health, having persistent diarrhoe and vomitting now and then and i have taken quite a number of unpaid leave attending to him in this case and if company B is to fault and sack me for my attendance, then am i still liable to pay for the bond? I am hoping to call off this job yo be very honest. Appreciate an earnest reply fm anyone who have been in similar shoes. Anyone csb advise?? Thanks
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