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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
hi i just got a job as Executive Professional Grade 6 as a recent grad..

is this a dead end job for me?

like i am not even sure if this is what i wanna do in the long run.

Not too sure if I can switch out next time and if my experience working in the uni will count as a professional experience.

Read this whole forum thread carefully from start to end - NUS admin isn't a place to start your career, its a place to go when you are in the next phase of your life, and prioritize life outside work instead. It is the opposite of a dynamic, challenging and innovative environment. And once you get used to such a place, it will be difficult to go work somewhere else since the culture shock will be too great.

You might not know what you wana do in the long run, but I can safely assure you that working in NUS admin side isn't it. Maybe when you are 50 plus, and you want to take it easy and drop a few gears after working hard your whole career, consider NUS.
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