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Default Politicial statement : Should you vote for the opposition just to make PAP better ?

This is a response to a earlier post.

Let me start a political post :

There are views about PAP and the opposition. With GE so near, voters need to decide soon.

I have my reservations of opposition. My frank view, opposition need to get their act together, work together , and put together a list of topics that are should be debated and discussed. Topicis like should we stop the casino though it bring in short term wealth with long term social cost. Stop blaming , and raise right question. Make claims u can keep. Dont just shout PAP down and oppose everything. make stand for what is right. Then people will respect you and vote for you.

Sorry, but i dont see that in opposition now. So if opposition is the main ruling party in singapore, bye bye singapore.

But i will say this. I am seriously considering voting opposition just to make PAP a stronger party.

PAP has been too one sided in ther thinking. They listen to well paid people whom dont take buses but implement transport policies for the masses... Ask the MRT passenger in JW if trains are crowded, fares are going up and what you are doing about it. And inside the PAP, everyone is afraid to speak up against strong figures. Why ? Because they know they will lose that fat stable pay cheque. C'mon. It is easier to say things your boss wants to hear and not the things that is right but your boss doesnt want to hear. So all the smart , clever people just repeat themselves . Why lose this year fat bonus just because you argue with your boss about the transportation policy of singapore.

So the real choice for the people of singapore is then to vote for opposition just so that PAP will become better.

Views are personal and my own.

Comments are welcomed.

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