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I enjoyed my National Service, having worked in a semi-office, semi-field environment, and imagined that being a DXO would be the same. That was why I wanted to become a DXO when I graduate.

I graduated just recently - 2nd upper from NUS. In February, I applied for the DXO scheme and listed Defence Relations as my first choice followed by Media Relations as my second. Funny thing was that my academic career was more suited to be a Defence Relations Manager (studied Political Science).

When I went to take my Psychometric Test though, I saw that they put me under Media Relations in the sign-in sheet. I was shocked, but I didn't complain much because hey at least I have a foot in MINDEF right? Or so I thought. The PT was relatively okay for me, though that was on 28 February.

After many months of chasing them, they told me last week that I was not further shortlisted for interview. I don't know whether it was the standard rejection letter template but they added that my application was "favourable" and would like to retain my records in the system. Additionally, they welcomed me to try for another position.

I just re-applied. Was just gauging my chances because I really want to become a DXO because I think it would be a meaningful career. Don't really mind the OT or the hardwork

The way MINDEF selects people seems pretty random - I know a first-class honors student with a mastery in a third language being rejected after the site preview round. Another dude with only a second-upper got in for the same position albeit different sitting. Pretty scary.
Hi bro. Just thought of replying since I am from PS as well. I would like to offer an alternate opinion. Reading through your story, I found there is nothing random in what you had described. The assumption you seem to be having is that Mindef's sole criteria for hiring is a candidate's class of honours or grades. Maybe this is a false perception fed by people on social media, media, forums, people on these forums who always exclusively blame their lack of qualifications for being rejected, elders etc.

I am no guru on how Mindef hires, but my exp tells me this is not true. While Mindef (like many other private or public organizations) will look at a candidate's grades becoz it is a rough measure of a candidates cognitive ability, intellect etc, it is not a sole criteria. They do look at candidates holistically. I know of friends from my batch who are second lower only yet beat out their friends who are second upper or above (MFA and Mindef). Anyway, you think of it, organizations like Mindef will confirm attract alot of good candidates one. I am sure second-upper or FCH applicants are dime a dozen for them. So second upper or FCH becomes only a necessary but not sufficient condition, doesnt give a candidate the competitive edge.

For your case why you not shortlisted, my guess is that it might not be your PT result. It might be your resume maybe. I am curious why Mindef did not give you your first choice. So when your resume get sent to the HR manager for media relations, he or she decided you are not a good fit. But always bear in mind there are many applicants even from PS and History as well. So maybe you can improve the things you write in your initial application form to increase your chances.

Your rejected FCH friend who knows 3rd language easier to explain. At his stage, he reach the interview stage alrd. So I can guess the hiring decision is actually the interview performance than the class of honours. So might be the simple case the second upper guy demonstrates better ability during the interview than the FCH friend.

The only advise I can give you is to improve your resume. A lot of us new grads always 4get to write good resumes. We tend to only flash our education credentials becoz we lack work exp since it is our first time job hunting. Bt this shouldnt stop us from writing good resumes. End of day, getting rejected is part of the journey lah. All of us will go through it. Just have to "get used to it", continue working hard, and re-apply lor.
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