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Worst company I’ve come across. Please never join (for your own good).
People from my batch regretted their decision due to the unfair contractual agreements. The HR is not responsive for your concerns when you’re at client site. The account managers may act like they care but all in all, they treat all the ‘graduate trainees’ as cows that they milk money from. And they gon squeeze u dry.
The whole practice is disgusting and unethical. I’ve met sooo many people in banks that are stuck there because of such ‘body shopping’ organizations.
Contract states that after the first 2 weeks of ‘training’, any intent to quit, u will need to pay 3 months salary back to the company. If there were certification during training, it would be reasonable. Problem is the training that they provide has totally nothing related to the job scope that I am doing now.
So, utterly disgusted by their practice… even the people that I work with at the banks are in disbelief that im bounded by such contracts.
So, please learn from my mistake. And DON’T JOIN OPTIMUM.
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