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Hi, not from MBB but from a tier 2 strat house and have a few friends from MBB and in the industry. Hence, happy to hear any updated entry-level salaries over here.

Mckinsey ~ 5.6k / month
BCG ~5.8k / month
Bain ~6.7k / month

Oliver Wyman ~8k / month (not sure about this, just heard from a colleague over a chat)
S& ~6.3k / month
Accenture Strategy ~ 5.6k / month
EY-Parthenon ~4k / month
No info on ATK & Monitor Deloitte

EY - Aug 2017 my friend went into TAS - Operations, 2.9k. Two months later got revised to 3.5k, but heard increment was based on sub-function/line of service/performance.
PwC - 4k (1st year no bonus/increment) -> 2nd year 4k (w bonus)
Deloitte - 3.5k (Not Monitor Deloitte)
KPMG - not sure, heard its quite low
Accenture (Management / Tech Consulting) - 4.3k (incl. allowance of 300 for transport)
Cognizant/Capgemini ~ 3.8k

As a consultant moves up the ladder, bonus will become an integral part of his/her salary.

MBB does not pay the best for entry-level graduates because people just flock to them regardless of salary. Tier 2s, on the other hand, have to "buy talent". Give me a 30% pay cut and i'll still move to MBB any day.

Cheers ~
hey mate, this conversation sounds familiar. Are you from LSE?

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