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Default Why it is sometimes difficult to retire

We often hear the argument that once you have enough finances, you should stop work and devote time to yourself, family and personal hobbies be they travelling, reading etc...

Having reached this stage of having "enough" finances and at 57, I find no compelling reason to stop working. Here are my reasons why I am continuing to work which I believe, are common to others who are in a similar situation.

1. Find meaning and satisfaction in the work that I do.
2. Have wonderful colleagues and team
3. Opportunities to travel and learn new things on the job!
4. Company still value your contribution, knowledge and skills
5. As we are no longer concerned with competing for promotion, we are more able to enjoy the work.

The "financial" reasons are still there but not as compelling once you achieved sufficient finances. But nevertheless, here they are:

1. Medical coverage both for outpatient and H&S
2. Paid leave - 24 days a year or 48 days if accumulated over 2 years
3. At 57, I am right smack in the golden period of wealth accumulation- where the financial commitments have tapered off and our income peaked, resulting in an accelerated savings! Together with our passive incomes, we are able to save more than our full salaries each year!
4. You see your networth hitting new highs every year.

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