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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Undergrad degrees are not all that great. There will be many u will compete against and if economy is down, u will be forced to return to SG and earn less after a huge investment.
And Management and Econ are generic degrees.

U can do undergrad at SMU. And keep that 85k for grad degree or MBA after 4-5 years. It will ensure a grad degree from abroad and with job ex , u may be able to work abroad. People here are overstating the importance of Undergrad. U will need luck, good economy and chances to land a good deal.

If u are good, u can go to a good Grad Program later with this money. U are lucky that ur dad has this money. Use it wisely.
This is HILARIOUS. No prestigious employer (i-banks, consulting, etc) cares more about masters degrees than bachelor degrees, except for MBAs. From the way you type, you probably belong to one of those ahpeks/heartlanders who think that the higher the qualification the better, the more impressive sounding the better (Ph.D > Masters > Bachelors). In the real world, masters' degrees don't add value. Employers continue to look at both your bachelor's and master's degrees when they evaluate you for a job. If they see you went to a no-name school like SMU + some non-selective, cash-cow-for-the-university kind of Masters, they'll think: desperate resume padder who couldn't get into the ivy league/oxbridge on first try. Do you want to inflict that fate on the OP?
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