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How many of you advising here went to a top school. Or are you one who thinks "had i gone to a top school, my life would have been much better".

Getting admission to a good school abroad does show good grades and potential, but it hardly shows amazing merit. There are many who mite have got scholarships either locally or abroad. That shows merit in my view.

There was this post on this forum from an IVY League guy who was struggling to find a job. Well, Cambridge is good but what if you graduate at a time when Economy is bad ?? Who would care for a foreign undergrad student.

Unless u have statistics to prove that with 90% chance, a cambridge degree (that too undergrad) will ensure a better career and finances , dont just justify this decision based on Ranking n Reputation.

If he does well in SMU , he mite get a scholarship for higher studies. That in my opinion proves ones talent more.

The western univs have two kinds of talents. One are those who actually are given scholarships and the others who can pay. And I can tell that a scholarship at a 10th rank univ in UK mite have more worth than paying for ur degree at Cambridge.

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