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Sorry but this is also rubbish. Numerous schools in the US and UK simply outrank NUS/NTU/SMU. I dont give a s*** about THES/QS and whatever nonsense. Social capital is the single most important factor in the society today and a simple comparison of the alumni from the respective schools will shed light on how deluded some Singaporeans are about the prestige of the local schools.

In fact, some of my friends from the States have never heard about NUS before, much less NTU and the lesser known SMU.

If you intend to settle down/work/live in Sg go ahead and matriculate into SMU. It wont guarantee higher earnings but certainly a sense of belonging and subscription to herd mentality. Otherwise, Cambridge/Cornell is your best choice.

Take this time to see the world kid.
also true--and i'm a NTU & NUS grad because my parents could not afford to send me to universities overseas (i got the offers)

although some local grads do make good eventually, the degrees are never comparable to one from a top tier foreign university. this is reality--although if you're good enough, eventually do can go onto the same playing field; again, this applies to a small portion of local vs top foreign grads

also like i said before, the local schools do not provide a good learning environment that fosters thinking and discussion. i don't care what anyone else and the authorities may say, i know this as i've studied overseas and universities here are nothing close--they are trying very hard, but it's not there yet. so if you have a chance--and can afford--to study overseas, do that

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