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Hi, I was offered a Management Associate Position in Risk Assurance (Tech Audit) w/ one of the big four. Starting Pay 4k. At the same time, I was called up for 2nd round interview with Citibank's MA in Consumer banking sometime this week. The issue here is the one of the big 4 requires me to accept the offer by 23rd March. I am stuck in a dilemma and would like to hear your thoughts on this matter. Should I take up the offer or wait for Citibank's reply?

Additional Background
I am graduating from a local Uni this may, and my CGPA is at least in the top 30% of my cohort. Main Degree: IT

Looking for:
Career Progression & Experience in Finance / IT Industry

Much thanks, many gratitude

I would suggest to go for the confirmed job first given the current market. Furthermore it is still big four and pay is reasonable. If you really dont like it, at least you have already gained some experiences and can move on after that. No point waiting for something that you are not sure unless you are sure that there will be other offers even if you flung the bank's job.

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