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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Your other offers are also good with high 4k. I think for fresh grads these are already good offers.

You wont know if DBS will offer you so you should consider other offers first. Unless there is a strong reason on why you want to join DBS.

DBS is not a bad place. It is more stable than most of the foreign banks. Do note that they may pay you lower but their bonus is more stable and higher compared to most foreign banks.

For banking industry, it will be better to join local banks now. Foreign banks are always on a cost cutting mode and some businesses are not doing well. If you want to join DBS, make sure you join a function where your skill sets can be transferred to another industry.

Hi, would you happen to know what the pay scale is like for DBS? Also, any info on career progression would be great.

I heard 4-4.2.
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