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I've been working for a month now in a project under an IT consulting mnc. OT every single day since 1st day. Everyday work from 10am to 12am or later, and it only seem to get worse. It's a vicious cycle and everyday is stay later and slowly come slightly later also. Somemore no OT pay.

Morning come in is do nothing and wait for bug fixes from other teams. Deployment and fixes are always done at 7pm but never 7pm but 1030pm. Usually after evening then got things to do. The working condition is so dam jialat and yet all people there are doing that. Wth man. Seriously wasting our time. Saturday also can get called back to work. Beginning to feel very numb and won't look at time, cos i "dunno" what time is knock off time. Anybody experience anything worse??

My contract only state 8:30 to 5:30pm but virtually i'm working 16 hrs per day or more but in time report must put 8 hrs. Dam cock. I felt i've tasted worst man.

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