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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
agreed that audit and consulting roles are not comparable.

likewise, big4's consulting arm cannot be compared against full fledged consulting firm like BCG, Bain, McKinsey, Accenture...

are you an expat? i've known people in consulting side, getting 10-11k bracket 8 years into service... Manager level

whereas a big4 audit manager (entry M1) is getting S$6k++ M3 (8k++?) before promoting to SM, AD, D, Partner, etc.
I am a local Singaporean Chinese. I know myself and having worked for so long, I know I am not the caliber or having the Ivy league/top biz schools qualifications to get into MBB. As I am new to the Big4, I do not really know the details. But what I understood is the bracket is fairly wide.

As for expats in my firm, apparently they are on a different scale. They are paid in local terms (SGD) but their salaries are the equivalent to their home countries rates. So a manager from the US is paid the equivalent in SGD what they would get back home.

I spoke to one of my younger staff (2 years out of university) and he confirmed that audit grads are paid lower than consulting. Our starting salary is $3,500 but the same audit grad will be getting around $2.7k ~ $3.7k.

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