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Thanks all for the reply. Pertaining to your replies:

1) For distance learning degrees in PSB / Kaplan, honestly you stand a greater chance applying to mid-tier firms before hopping over to big4 after the 2year bond...
- Does all firms usually comes with bond?

2) Why is SIM not on your list?
- I do not hold an O level cert, highest education is private Diploma only so I can only go for private Degree.

3) Mid-tier usually pay 90% of big4... so expect a 10% paycut, if fresh grad in big4 earns $2850, you can expect 2500-2600 in mid-tier... same as the ranks go upwards...
- Are the median salary ranged around this for mid-tier firms these days?

4) I really think it is not worth it to go into mid tier firms here. Culture is bad, pay is bad, no recognition. Almost all of them have bonds for a reason.
- This is why I am trying to see what are the chances of a private degree holder getting into Big 4 but from what I have heard, it seems to be tough. In addition, does getting an internship with Big 4 do actually helps a little? Btw, I am currently working FT.

5) Lastly, I would like to ask the seniors that between Aus - CPA and UK - ACCA, which would be a better choice? Reason I am asking this is because Aus degree cost about 25K and UK degree cost about about 18K for double major. Difference is about 7K.

I have heard that people usually just proceed to take CPA after degree or take ACCA instead of degree only.

Is there any differences or what should I really take into consideration for the above? As I don't wish to pay for the extra 7K and ended up both cert is the same.

Hope to hear some advice from the seniors. Pardon me for the clueless knowledge as I zero background on all these.

Thank you for the time!

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