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I only achieved a 2nd Upper at SIM UOL but managed to get into Big 4 even with no prior audit exp and only an insurance internship during uni. Just do well for your psychometric test and interview.

I really think it is not worth it to go into mid tier firms here. Culture is bad, pay is bad, no recognition. Almost all of them have bonds for a reason.
worth or not, somebody has to fill the places there... there isn't enough places to go around in big4 anyway as much as all / most aspire to apply into it.

idk what you meant by doing well for psychometric test... it's a test to evaluate based on your personality... no point doing "well" if you are faking it... just "be yourself"... if you are suitable, you'll get it..

in any event, big4 is not everything... in fact, looking back in hindsight, i'm thankful i didn't join the big4...

my peer and i are doing way better than our batchmates who join the big4... we are 28, both males, prolly at best S2 or AM in big4.
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