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I would say

Your 1st investment property is really not performing, you should sell it off and pay off your own home. Then save up.

I would cut back on the watch purchase personally, when times are bad they literally have low value. Its an expensive hobby as well. I don't include watches as part of my networth because of this.

Also investing in stocks etf etc is not suitable for everyone, saying it is one thing but how well are you able to invest in this sector assuming you have cash. You should dabble abit to show if you suited before you consider moving your investment strategy. No issues with just property investment but one needs to pick the right props that give back a good yield and hopefully cap gains (en bloc etc)

Originally Posted by kaos View Post
Seen a lot of great replies and advice here. Specifically wondering if forum-ers here can provide some advice:

42 male, wife 39 female, 2 young kids
Both working professionals (finance) - combined $205k p/a after tax not including bonuses (maybe about $50k p/a after tax)
Cash - $200k
Car Loan - $1.2k per month
Stock/Equity - $50k
Own Home - $1.4M (loan $550k)
Investment Property 1 - $1.6M (loan $1.1M, $25k net rent p/a)
Investment Property 2 - $1.55M (loan $630k, $40k net rent p/a)
Watch Collection - $60k

Total Assets = $4.66M
Total Debt = $2.284M

Net Worth = $2.376M

As you can see my net worth is heavily property-weighted and pretty concerned that I should be diversifying more into stock , bonds and ETFs etc as a lot of people here have. Anyway interested to hear genuine advice/suggestions/comments. Thanks everyone in advance!

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